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Visitors to the site also acknowledge that this site may have links to online casinos or other online gambling facilities. Some of these casinos may offer real money wagering, and visitors must understand that money can be lost when playing at such establishments. This site believes that gamblers that feel they have a problem habit should seek the counsel of experts. Gamblers Anonymous is one vital resource on the internet for problem gambling assistance. Please also note that if you do have a gambling problem, we kindly ask you to leave this site and understand that you are no longer permitted to use this site.

The visitor also acknowledges that the site cannot be held responsible, nor will they accept blame for any liability that the visitor may incur when playing at an online or offline casino. This site also states that it is in no way responsible for the actions, behavior, promotions or financial transactions of third party sites. While the companies that are listed on this site are legal businesses in the countries in which they operate, it is important that the visitor checks with local legislation to determine the legality of online gambling.

Players must be of legal age to play at casinos found here and it must be legal to play in your city, town, state, province or country before doing so. We highly suggest carefully reviewing and evaluating the policies of the casinos you decide to engage in playing at before playing so as to avoid any complications with payout's, transfers, etc... that may be associated with your location, age or other factor that may be mentioned in the casinos terms and conditions. does not warranty the accuracy of any information found throughout the site which include but is not limited to bonuses, reviews, screenshots, currency, articles, news, etc...

Make sure to check with the local and regional authorizes in regards to online gambling in your area, territory or country.

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We reserve the right to change any information throughout the site in addition to any changes to our policies and procedures without any prior notice or consent.