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The Best Roulettes Casino Sites Online

While you are searching for the best roulettes casino sites, there are several important factors that you have to keep in mind. This will make sure that the website that you chose will be the right one for you. The operator that you sign up with depends solely on what is important to you:

There are a lot of things that you have to ask yourself, but one thing is for sure, and that is that you should start by playing at websites which are licensed and regulated in a jurisdiction which allows online casino games. This way you will be sure that your money will be kept safe. You should not be persuaded by massive bonus offers from operators that you have never heard of without checking out some reviews before you sign up and deposit.

This guide will save you a lot of time and work. We have judged the roulettes casinos by a number of criteria including software, security, games offered, and customer support. We have been searching high and low on the web for the best roulette casinos and tested a massive amount of sites.

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The initial thing that you must check prior to signing up at a roulettes casino is whether it is licensed by the UKGC. This is the only license that...

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Knowledge is power, and this is certainly a valid statement regarding playing online roulette. We are certain that you know that there are many...

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Before You Begin Playing Roulette

It is needless to say, that before you begin playing online roulette for real money, you are going to need to have an idea about the websites and game variations that are offered on the web. This will help you pick a roulettes casino that is trustworthy and fair and choose a game that gives you bigger winning chances.

Safety First

The initial thing that you must check prior to signing up at a roulettes casino is whether it is licensed by the UKGC. This is the only license that matters for British users as the Commission is the sole authority that can authorize a betting site to offer its services in Britain. However, there are several other certification bodies that have seals of approval which speak volumes for the trustworthiness of an operator. Moreover, most roulette sites associate themselves with reputable Responsible Gambling Organizations that aspire to prevent underage and problem gambling. Here are several of them:

Pick Roulette Casino That is Trustworthy

So if an operator has one of these seals, what does that mean for the punter? If the site has been audited by iTech Labs, eCOGRA or TST, then you can be completely sure that the games which are featured on the website are fair and that the outcome of every spin or hand is absolutely random. In most cases, the operators also display on their websites the reports issued by these agencies. And for the responsible gaming seals of approval, they are a good sign that the operator is taking all the necessary measures to inform their clients about the dangers of problem gambling as well as gives them all the needed information and tools so that they can control their betting habits.

Know Your Games

Roulette might be a game of chance, but knowing the rules and understanding the differences between the variations is crucial to guarantee you better winning chances when you are playing at a roulettes casino online. This is where our site comes in; you will be able to find all of this information plus a ton more useful articles.

Withdrawals and Deposits

If you want to at a real money roulettes casino, then at some point, you will have to make a deposit at the site you have picked. For that purpose, you will have to use one of the various payment methods that are supported by online casinos. You should note that not all of the big payment processor companies are accepted by every site, so it is always a great idea to check your options. Another thing that might interest you are the maximum and minimum withdrawal and deposit limits for the payment option of your choice. Here is a short overview of the most popular payment methods that are supported by most of the roulettes casinos in the UK.

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • Amex
  • Diners
  • Bitcoin
  • Paypal
  • Eco
  • Click and Buy
  • Bank transfer
  • Wire transfer

The most popular payment options that online operators accept are debit and credit cards. The deposits that are made with a card are secure and happen instantly. However, there are people that do not want to share their card details directly with the operator. In such cases, we recommend an e-wallet as a payment method. Moreover, our top recommended option for playing at real money roulettes casino is PayPal. Once you create an account and verify a card with PayPal, all of the transactions made by using this method will be secure and will happen instantly. On the other hand, if you do not want to open an account or if your card is not verified yet and you cannot wait to play, another great solution would be a prepaid card, or at least at the beginning. Another option is using a bank transfer, but that usually takes several days.

Give Yourself the Best Winning Chances

Knowledge is power, and this is certainly a valid statement regarding playing online roulette. We are certain that you know that there are many strategies that you are able to use while playing this game; on top of that, there is a tone of bonuses that you can receive and secure yourself some extra money to play with. Ensure yourself that you dig deeper into the subject of casino bonuses and game strategies that are usable on this game so that you can have the best winning chances.

Of course, there are a lot of other useful articles that you will be able to find on our website.

Customer Support

Another crucial factor when choosing a roulettes casino to play at is the customer service. It is always good to have a non-stop service at your disposal in case something happens with the software, game or anything else. Not that issues occur on a regular basis when playing at a reputable roulettes casino, but it is still good to know that you will always have someone to turn to. The top online casinos offer you the opportunity to contact their customer support via phone, mail and live chat.

If you have an issue or a query that is not that urgent, then you will also be able to try to figure it out by yourself, using the FAQ section of the website you chose to play at. There you will usually find the most common problems solved. Moreover, it is also a good read if you wish to prepare yourself for what expects you at the operator.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Experience

If you choose a top-rated roulettes casino, you will secure yourself a lot more possibilities to try various games, claim larger bonuses and even enjoy a more exciting overall experience. Thus, you should not sabotage yourself and simply pick one of our top recommended roulettes casinos. This way you will get way more than at any other operator.

Variations of the Game

The two most popular roulette versions are European Roulette and American Roulette. These are both played the exact same way and have the same payouts. The only difference is that American has 2 zeros while European has only one. A 3rd semi-popular version is French Roulette, which is a game with one zero, but it differs from the European version with the order of numbers and the table layout.

French Roulette usually has unique rules for what happens when the 0 is spun. It is called either La Partage En Prison. The first one is when the 0 is spun and all outside wagers are returned for half their stake.

With the latter rule, when the ball lands on zero all outside wagers are trapped and are either released or lost depending on the next spin.

Advantage of the House

The payouts in Roulette are based on what the true payout would have been if the zero did not exist. For instance, wagers on black, red, low, high, evens, and odds all pay out 1:1. In the American version, there are 18 winning numbers and 20 losing ones. The two additional losing ones are where the house gets its advantage. For all other bet types the same is true, and thus the house advantage for the American version is 5.26% or 2/38.

With the European version there is only one additional number on all wager types, and thus the house advantage is 2.70% or 1/37. In the French version, outside wagers have 1.35% or 0.5/37 advantage, while inside wagers have the same advantage as in the European version.

Check out Offers for Types of Roulette

Things You Should Watch Out For

The best roulettes casinos should be any that offer the French format with the above-mentioned rules as well as the best bonus. However, these versions are not popular

Games with Low-House Advantage

Since the payouts are the same at all forms of the game, you might assume that the optimal strategy is to only play French roulette, or European when the French one is not available.

However, if you stick to this strategy, you will miss one of the top games that you can find online. However, at the end of the day, what is important is choosing the type that suits you the most and the one that you find fun to play. It is not all about winning.

Live Dealer

If you consider the fact that the mass of online casino promotions clears poorly at roulette tables, it may make sense to pick the most enjoyable game. Today a lot of online operators employ the newest webcam technology to stream live-dealer roulette. This is almost always played with a single zero. In other words European Roulette. In this type, players place wagers online, watch a beautiful dealer spin the wheel of a physical table, and then wait for the computer take or pay out their wagers depending on the spin.

Betting Systems

There are a lot of betting systems that players use to try and make a profit in the game. The most popular is the Martingale system, while Labouchere and D’Alambert are also quite famous. Before you try any of these strategies, you should keep in mind that it is believed that Albert Einstein once proclaimed that the only way to win long-term is to steal chips from the Roulette table. In spite of what the e-books around the internet might claim, many players go broke using these strategies.

However, if you do decide to use a betting strategy the two most crucial factors are large spread and low house advantage.

Bet Responsibly

If you use our navigation menu to browse around you are going to find a plethora of content that surrounds playing online roulette.

We wish you luck in your gambling endeavors and encourage you to gamble responsibly. In the many years of betting on this game, we have seen more than 15 of the same pattern appear in a row a lot of times.

  • Gamblers Anonymous
  • Gambleaware
  • Responsible gambling
  • 18+
  • Victorian Gambling Foundation

Many players tend to begin playing for fun, lose their minds and their money when they chase losses.

You should remember that online gambling is about having fun. Most punters lose, and over long-term, this is guaranteed. You should have fun, bet responsibly, and stay safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are still not completely sure about playing roulette at an online casino, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions in our inbox from users that are new to gaming and roulette. We hope that they will address your concerns.

Q: I am a tad confused by all of the various options. What is the best wager for a newbie?

Various bets on a wheel come with various chances of winning. The long shots will obviously come far less often. However, you stand to win much money when they do. Choosing a single number will see you get your wager back 35 times, but you have to be quite lucky to guess it. And your bankroll might be gone before you get the chance to win. A safer place to start for beginners is one of the wagers in which you have a higher chance of winning with a smaller payout like choosing black or red, or picking whether the ball will land on an even or odd number.

Q: I saw a roulette system. Should I purchase it?

Absolutely not. Most of these strategies are scams. Roulette is based on basic math, and no trick that you try will change that. The house always has an advantage, and no strategy will be able to overcome it. All you have to do is rely on luck.

Q: I live in America. Can I play roulette for real money?

Of course, you can. There are many offshore companies that accept Americans. All you have to do is make sure that you play at the top online roulettes casinos that are recommended by GPWA portals such as our sites since there are a ton of shady operators.

Q: How can I withdraw my earnings?

Most roulette sites have a massive range of withdrawal methods from bank transfer to cheques to e-Wallets. In America, you will mostly be limited to withdrawing by cheque.