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Real Money Roulette Online

There is nothing that can beat the thrill of playing real money roulette at home. And since now there are web-based casinos, you are able to play for real funds no matter where you are as long as you have a connection to the Internet. You could gamble at home, at the office, on a bus, or in a library. We are fanatics on the topic, and we love playing casino games online just as much as you.

However, there is one posing issue. With thousands of betting sites which allow you to play real money roulette on your computer, how can you pick a reputable and trustworthy one as well as have fun while playing there?

Advantages That the Best Online Roulette Casinos Can Offer You

Just like most problems, this one has a solution. Since we are massive fans of web-based casinos, we spend countless hours playing for real money and reviewing every casino we get a hold of.

Moreover, since we pay special attention to factors like software quality, payout speed, fairness, security and customer service, you can be completely sure that the sites which are recommended by us offer a safe and fun place for you to play online gambling games.

Here are several of the advantages that the best online roulette real money casinos will offer you:

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We make sure that every real money roulette casino on our list of recommended gambling websites offers a safe and fair gaming environment. Thus, we only consider those that are independently tested and audited so that our readers know the operator they trust their money with is treating them properly.


You do not want a game to crash while you are playing. We have chosen roulette websites that offer stable gaming software from leading developers which will not let you down. The operators that are listed here have millions of hours logged in their software, which means that you can expect them to be robust and solid.


When we sit down to review a real money roulette casino, we do not simply hash together comments that we find online. Quite the opposite, we download a software and make sure that it does what it says. If it does not, we will explain it in the review.

How to Play Real Money Roulette Online

Never Bring More Than 25% of Your Deposits to the Table

From $0.1 to $1000 bets, you are able to play virtual roulette at stake levels with which you are comfortable. To figure out what works for you, we recommend that you assess your bankroll first. When you play online, we suggest that you never bring more than 25% of your deposits to the table. Of that 25%, limit your wagers to a max of 10%. Thus, if you have $200 in your online casino account, bring a max of $50 to the table.

Why is this so crucial? Well, playing real money roulette involves the risk of losing your funds. It is true that no one wants to lose, but you have to be prepared to go on a losing streak since it might happen. By ensuring that you have enough cash at the table for at least 10 wagers from the start, and assuming that you will win a few spins along the way, your bankroll can go a long way.

The Best Sites to Play Online Roulette for Real Money

Are you ready to play real money roulette online? Before you hit any online operator and hope for the best, read this article. There are a ton of web-based sites that compete for your business with safe and fast banking transactions. Some of them have brand recognition. Others have awesome designs and themes backing them up. While there is a third type which does their best to hide their mediocrity by promising massive bonuses.

You should not jump on any offer. Instead, check with us first. We have assembled our top choices for the top places you can play online casino games for real money. Here is why you should choose one of them:

Roulette at Home

When you have your personal wheel at home, you might find that you always seem to win, particularly when you try new strategies. It is because your trials will most likely be short – so your results are based on quite the small sample.

Most roulette strategies fluctuate on a regular basis between tiny wins and tiny losses. If you, for example, try d’Alembert on even-money wagers, you are very likely to win several spins. With Martingale is the same, and punters often try a few dozen wagers, see a profit, and march off to the land-based casino. However, what the player should do is practice the strategy, write down the results of hundreds of spins to figure out how much is won before the streak of 9 or 10 straight losing bets eliminate his or her bankroll.

For the players who practice their strategies at home, or for free at online sites, a logbook with results will shed a brand new light on how roulette works. They do not always win, however, they make playing the game a quite exciting. Moreover, when they are played as it is intended, with no mistakes and with an effort to enhance the base bets during winning streaks and to avoid throwing back all the funds they won during losing streaks, they could be successful. Keep in mind that this has to do with the conditions at the casino, though.

Playing Roulette at a Casino

When you are finally ready to play at a casino, you are going to find that there are a lot of things that can go wrong with your plans, the first of which is that you will be played for real funds. When you follow a betting strategy at home, you often go willy-nilly with massive wagers to recoup previous losses and turn a profit eventually. That does not work in a casino for a few reasons.

Get Familiar with Casino Limits First

One of those reasons is that playing increasingly bigger sums of money is that you have to keep in mind your bankroll. Money management is as crucial at roulette as any other strategy. If you are careless with your money, you will most certainly lose it before you have an opportunity to enjoy the game and perhaps even win. Moreover, real casinos have a limit on the total amount that you can wager at every table. You will not have the opportunity to continue doubling your bet after a big string of losing wagers because you will bump-up against the limit of the house!

For those of you who play a more sensible roulette strategy like the Labouchere, in which you set a goal for how much funds you would like to win, you can have quite the better results, even when you are playing for actual money. However, are going to have to know your strategy very well, and have the funds to follow it. You will also need to get your wagers out, accurately, before the dealer rejects any future wagers. There is nothing more annoying than not getting your wager out and seeing that it was going to win.

What You Should Expect

Keeping that in mind, you should take a portion of your roulette bankroll, decide which of the most famous strategy you will try, and head to the online operator of your choice. You will be able to get chips from the dealer on every table, but you should find a low-limit table by checking the sign on every game. It is also going to be easier to learn the intricacies of roulette if you find a table that is not too crowded since the dealer will have time to give you several pointers.

Should you wish to wager only on the outside bets, like as black/red, sections and columns, you simply need regular chips. If you are going to follow a strategy and need more €1 or €5 chips, simply tell the dealer what denominations you want. You will be expected to make a bet on most spins, and absolutely every spin if you are the only person at the table.

Betting Types and Winning Probabilities Shown

If you are playing individuals, or wish to play an inside-wager system like the Six-Pence Plus, you are going to need a color. The dealer is going to ask how much per chip you want to risk. If you have $100 and the minimum chip amount is $1, you will get 100 chips, which will all have one color, and you will be the only one playing with that color chip.

You should keep in mind that there will be a minimum amount of chips that have to be wagered on every spin. If the minimum number of chips is 4, you will have to wager $4 in chips on every spin. Simply calculate the number of units you need for your bankroll before you begin, so you are not short of funds, and your system will not be able to be properly followed.

The lack of a proper bankroll will stop most roulette users from winning, long before they get a chance to enjoy the game.

Other Distractions

So, now you have your chips and are ready to play for actual money, you should guard yourself against other pitfalls like talkative dealers or players. They do mean well and are out to have fun if you try to have a conversation while gambling might prove to be quite tough. If you are in the middle of making a wager calculation based on the next bet amount for a strategy like the Guetting, you could make an error very easily. As pleasant as many casino staff might be, a nice cocktail server or Floor Inspector might also distract you from your bets, not to mention the effect several of those cocktails might have on your judgment.

You should make it a rule to pick a proper bankroll and not go over it, and keep to a reasonable amount of drinks. Even several cocktails can lead to errors that may doom your previously good results.

Mobile and Online Roulette

Specifics of Mobile Roulette Explained

When you are playing roulette for real money on mobile devices or online requires about the same amount of attention as when you are in a land-based casino. Unfortunately, once your money leaves your bank account and goes to an online casino one, it loses a sense of realness. Think of it this way, when you are playing roulette for online chips, even when they have a particular value, could be quite hazardous. Always keep in mind that they could be cashed back out for money.

Moreover, remember that while a live-dealer has quite the steady pace, the online games will move a lot faster. Many of them, as well as online roulette, will have a new spin each 20 to 25 seconds. This means that you will get many results in a short time – which can be both bad and good, depending on your current luck streak. Playing real money roulette is not hard, it just takes practice and patience.